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In this episode, Jurgen Wolff chats with creativity expert Nellie Jacobs about the four factors creative people have in common and what she's learned from her interviews with outstanding creatives. Jurgen does a review of one of the most inspiring books for writers and creative people in general, and shares his best productivity secret, the TimePod (no, you don't have to buy it from Apple). As always, he's joined by Arthur, his faithful manservant. You may also want to visit:

www.timetowrite.com (Jurgen's writing site)

www.timetowrite.blogs.com (the creativity blog where a new post appears daily)

www.jurgenwolff.com (find out about the 60-day Breakthrough Strategy Program that can help you reach your most cherished goals).

If you want Jurgen's free monthly Brainstorm creativity ebulletin, just send an email request to BstormUK@aol.com

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